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This homepage is a combined blog and personal repository for projects of all sorts.

Parts of this site are woefully out of date; I haven't had as much time to write as I would like lately. If you're on desktop, peek over at the Mastodon timeline to the left for more frequent tidbits.

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State of Affairs Feb '19: ThinkPads, Keyboards, and Shaders, Oh My!
Alex general state-of-affairs music wiiu

Hey again! I’m a terribly slow writer, and I need an excuse to get some practice…that’s why I’m restarting these monthly update posts, I guess! (This one’s a tad late, apologies.)

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Hey all! My new homepage is mostly up-and-running right now, so I reckon this makes it the perfect time to resume the “State of Affairs” monthly updates I stopped writing nearly 3 years ago. Here we go!

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New year, new site!
Alex general meta

Hey all! It’s a new year (well almost, anyway), and I’ve finally buckled down and started building a homepage for myself. This site is still under construction; it’s slowly being built up from the infrastructure Ash built over at (Go check him out - he’s a cool guy!) Pardon the mess as I shift things around, and…(I feel so proud to finally say this)…welcome to my homepage!

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Origins: a look back
Alex music retrospective

This is the last post I made on my old Tumblr blog. It’s written well enough, so I thought I’d preserve it on my new homepage.

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