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This homepage is a combined blog and personal repository for projects of all sorts.

Parts of this site are woefully out of date; I haven't had as much time to write as I would like lately. If you're on desktop, peek over at the Mastodon timeline to the left for more frequent tidbits.

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The machines, 2023
Alex blag hardware

Hi, it’s been a year! I have far too many drafts and far too few blogposts, per usual.

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The machines (updated)
Alex blag hardware

My machines have changed since we last spoke - here’s a brief update.

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Still here...
Alex general personal meta

Hi, I’m still alive. The last year was kinda rough - still is, rather - for me. I’ll try to write a proper catch-up post at some point, but finals are killing me right now.

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Years ago, I knew somebody once. Here’s to the discarded bits and pieces that make up a mote of my memory.

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The machines
Alex blag hardware

I wouldn’t be a self-respecting nerd without a good couple of machines around, now would I? Each has earned their name through our time together, one way or another…

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Perspective, or the beauty of an older Internet
Alex blag journaling retrospective exposition

Moments spent reading through the online journals of Internet users before me have led me to an admittedly obvious realization: this truly will be a snapshot of my mindset like no retrospective could ever be.

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