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Hey there! I'm Alex; you'll see me online as CompuCat. I like to make things: music, hardware, software, food, and perhaps a little hilarity in the moments in between. This webpage is my personal project repository; it's open to be used for pretty much anything. As of Dec. 2021, I'm currently dabbling in: live sound, broadcast sound, (really, any sound), TASBot, code golf, stage management, fribbling, ultra-low-latency video streaming, Beckhoff TwinCAT, and countless other things.

You can usually find me by my username online, but it's been taken by others on some services. If you'd like to get in contact, I'm usually listening here:
  • Discord (CompuCat#6172) - Probably your best bet for quick contact.
  • Email ([email protected]) - Use this for longer things. Unless this is taken over by spammers, I should get any message you send here pretty quickly.
  • XMPP ([email protected]) - Use this for important things. Secure (OMEMO please), but I'm not always available - partly because I still need to migrate to selfhosted Snikket for proper iOS push notifs. Contact me elsewhere first.
For convenience, here's some of my other presences:
One other thing: much of the initial framework of this homepage borrows from my good friend Ash's site; thanks very much for that! (Go check out this page's source code, if you like.