Music is one of my greatest passions. These days, I'm mostly a live audio engineer, but my first love will always be piano and keyboards of all types. I also play bass (competently) and guitar (not so much). Some people also tell me I sing well - sadly I'm much out of practice.
I haven't seriously recorded much for a solid year and a half now; things pretty much stopped when I finally ditched the dualboot and started daily-driving Linux for good. I'm slowly getting back into the swing of it now; I've finally set up a Windows 10 VM that's performant enough for realtime audio work (when helped by quite a bit of hardware :)


Here's some old stuff I did. It's okay, I guess. When I first started making music, I also released an album, Origins (2016). It's mostly still up for posterity's sake.
I still throw up in-progress snippets and finished things on my SoundCloud page out of habit, though it's a dying platform.
And just because I know somebody will be's my current gear list as of December 2020:
  • Keyboards/synths: Yamaha S90ES, Roland Alpha Juno-1, Roland D-110
  • Guitar stuff: Fender MIM HSS Stratocaster
  • Basses: Custom Jazz bass (first instrument I ever built!) and a heavily modified Squier P-bass
  • Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic
  • Ableton Live 10 Suite with a plethora of plugins and assorted samples
  • Primary audio interface: Behringer X32 Producer + Klark Teknik DN9630. (When I'm not gigging with it.)
  • Other audio interfaces: NI Audio Kontrol 1 (ol' faithful), Tascam US-1800 (no Linux support, boo), PreSonus FireStudio 2626 (pretty much Linux-only, Windows drivers are buggy), Behringer FCA1616 (bought it broken for $25, PSU + converter repair was unsuccessful)
  • Audio sources: PreSonus Eris E5, Sony MDR-7506, Shure SE215
  • Mic locker: sE V7/V3, Sennheiser e609/e604, Audix D6, MXL V67G, Behringer C2, Pyle PDMIC78. (Love my V7 - I wish I had 5, seriously)
  • Pedalboard made of scrap 2x4s. Currently has a Behringer BDI21, a Boss TU-3, and lots of room for growth.

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