New year, new site!
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Hey all! It’s a new year (well almost, anyway), and I’ve finally buckled down and started building a homepage for myself. This site is still under construction; it’s slowly being built up from the infrastructure Ash built over at (Go check him out - he’s a cool guy!) Pardon the mess as I shift things around, and…(I feel so proud to finally say this)…welcome to my homepage!

…Ah right, I should put something under the break so that “read more” button isn’t quite so pointless. Let’s talk about the new site, I guess! The closest thing I’ve had to a homepage in the past was my Tumblr blog, and that was quite the mess indeed. I’ve been working with my good friend Ash (a.k.a. QuarkTheAwesome) to build up a new homepage of my own, with some design considerations in mind:

  • Lightweight. (This borrows from’s philosophy: this should load nice and quickly on pretty much any device, new or old.)
  • Extensible. (I’ve got the typical blog format here, but I’ll be able to modify this page to serve whatever needs I may encounter. I can’t do that with a blogging service.)
  • Low-maintenance. (This entire thing is hosted using GitLab Pages and cached using Cloudflare. I don’t mind server admin work, but this will stay up even if my home server goes down. It’s also editable from anywhere….and hosted for free!)
  • Ethical. (I don’t track your data without telling you, and neither will the ads! Ads are served by heyquark ads: curated, ethical, and not-for-profit. I seriously don’t make a dime off of this!)

There’s probably something my 2AM brain is forgetting right now…I might have to update this later. (I probably will, in fact.)